Swiss Recycling and VertroSwis

VetroSwiss is entrusted by the federal government with the collection, administration and use of the advance disposal charge on glass beverage containers (TEA). VetroSwiss also has a duty to provide information about glass recycling. VetroSwiss achieved a recycling rate of 94% in 2017; this figure is calculated by dividing the quantity of beverage packaging recycled in the course of a year by the total weight of such glass manufactured and sold in Switzerland. This calculation is carried out annually by the Federal Office for the Environment. If the 75% recycling rate is not achieved, the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications can introduce a deposit.

Recycling glass saves a lot of energy compared to producing it from sand: the melting temperature is much lower. It is estimated that each inhabitant recycles more than 40 kg of glass. The collection of used glass has been organised in Switzerland since the 1970s. In France, the emphasis is on returnable bottles with the slogan “ma bouteille s'appelle revient”. (my bottle is called returns)

Figures from 2017

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