Recycling in Switzerland

The infrastructure is also up to scratch: almost 22,000 glass recycling containers are available throughout the country.

All glass beverage bottles, glass food packaging with the sign “recyclable glass” and glass cosmetic bottles are recyclable. Glass recycling saves as many resources as the weight of 36 Eiffel Towers

Sorting by colour (white, green, brown) is essential for the quality of the glass produced after recycling. Where should a blue, red or multicoloured bottle be recycled? With the green ones!

“Used glass is not a waste product, but a raw material”. The containers, with the colour of the glass indicated, are transported (by rail if possible), to a processing plant where sorting is carried out manually and then automatically to separate paper or other foreign bodies. A shredder reduces the glass into shards of ideal size for melting. The waste glass is melted at a temperature of approximately 1,580 degrees and then flows into a mould, where it is given its final shape by means of compressed air injection. The formed bottle is slowly cooled down and then given a protective surface treatment.

In Switzerland, at most collection points you are not allowed to throw your bottles into a recycling container on Sundays: Sunday rest is no joke.

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